Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Taylee's 1st Birthday

This is probaly Taylee's favorite toy. She loves it tons!


My little Princess eating Chocolate Cake. She loves Chocolate so much. She was excited to dig in and start eating!

Taylee loved the balloons at her party. I LOVE HER!

When Taylee was 9 months old Katie and I went shopping. She talked me into Elmo live. So I was stoked to give it to Taylee. After 3 months of waiting I was more excited then Taylee I think. She has lots of fun with it. She dances with him a lot! Isn't she so cute in this pic? I dreamed of what she would wear on her 1st Birthday from the day she was born. A big huge Tu u and leg warmers! She is seriously adorable! I love you Taylee Jae.

Taylee got this awesome car from Kristy. She loves to play with it. She always laughs when we run extra fast!

Taylee got her first real baby doll from Tyler. She loves to play dolls. She pretends to share her binki with them. She loves to give them a bottle. She is already learning how to be a good mommy! Natalie also gave her a bath doll. She loves it!

Taylee's Birthday Party! All of us girls just needed a picture. Kristy, Jennie, Katie, Natalie, Me, Mom and Grandma + Paisley, Kalli and of course the birthday Princess!!!

Tyler is so amazing with Taylee. She loves him so much. I'm so grateful he is in our lives. He is our PRINCE CHARMING!:D

Tyler Took Taylee to Princess on Ice! She had a blast. We was clapping the whole time. She got on the ground and danced to the music. We were so happy she had a blast! Our little PRINCESS!


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