Wednesday, January 13, 2010


As you can tell Taylee is a whole lot bigger! She is so tall and skinny! She has the cutest personality ever. I dont think anybody has ever met such a young girl with Spunk, character, sassiness, and dramatic all together it Makes Our Special Taylee! She has learned so much in the past year! She also loves lots of stuff....

*Sitting up
*Joking with Jenni
*She loves to play with Kalli they are "Sisters" as kalli would say
*She loves to be wrestled by Tyler
*Rock on her rocking horse
*Ride her 4-Wheeler ... Standing up!
*Eat A huge bowl of Raspberries
*Dig into Chocolate
*Eat Jenni, Katies, and Kalli's food
*Dance to music. even my ringtone.
*Loves anything ... BLING BLING...(Yes she gets that from her mother)
*Loves to talk to cell phones
*Loves to wear her pretty pink boots
*Doesn't love Tu Tu's so much. But She still wears them. thanks to me!:D
*Loves going on walks
*Walking around in the hot tub
(She always tries to play with my boobs. hahahahaha it's hilarious. bless her heart)
*Loves wearning jewerly
*Acting like a mommy to all her dolls
*loves pushing strollers
*Loves running away from me when i'm trying to get her
*Loves getting ancy at church
*Loves being around other babies
*Loves cuddling
*Loves playing with all of daycare kids
(Taylee seriously acts like she is 5 years old sometimes!)
*Loves climing up stuff
*Loves hitting Jenni's face for funny
(Then Jenni got a bloody nose so hitting for funny is a "No No")
*Loves wearning P.js. (Like her mommy)
*Loves Kisses and Hugs
*Cuddles in the morning when she wakes up
*Gets super excited when Kalli and Kyler come over
*Loves her new niece Savanna (gets a little jealous sometimes)
*Loves her Grandpa more then words can describe
*Loves to point to Jesus on the Jesus Statue
*Loves Playing in Play lands
*Loves getting stuck in the Mc D play lame ( they have a lame playland) ha
*Loves playing with the phone in grandma/grandpas room. (especially leavning it off the Hook)
*Loves going down lots of stairs
*Loves Playing kitchen in gma's preschool
*Loves to hold 3 binkis at a time (yes i know she should be done with binkis, shes OBSESSED)
*Loves when Jenni comes home... she follows her around the house all night
*Loves playing with Hudson (Jenn and James Dog)..... especially when he doens't knock her over
*Loves walking through the hall at Jame's home. (It echos)
*Loves books
*And so much more!
As you can see..... she has done tons over the past year!!!:D
So Proud of my baby princess!

Taylee has grown so much in the last year. Her favorite things when she was a newborn was
*Fuzzy Blankets
*Mommys Milk
*Lights on the Christmas Tree
*Stretching soooooo big
*Going to Jenni's dance concerts
(I think she's born a dancer, when I was pregnant I danced a lot with dance company. Now she loves watching Jenni dance. She ALWAYS dances, even when she hears my phone ring she dances to the ringtone! how adorable, I know!)
*Warm baths
*Snuggled in her carseat
*Bows on her Head

*Snuggling tight in her blanket
*Naps with Mommy
*Watching everybody smile


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