Friday, May 21, 2010

Jenni's SWEET 16!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenni is 16 now! Now she can officially date! (she seriously has guys booked out for dates already!)

I decided to bring her Princess Balloons, A Princess Crown and Earings, A Princess Sash and some Princess ring pops to her at school:) Then everybody would know it was her Birthday, We all know she LOVES to be the CENTER OF ATTENTION:)

She got a Ipod 5th Generation for her Birthday. a BRIGHT PINK ONE:)

We had Cake and Ice Cream and Played a Memory Game

My memory of Jenni is...

When we were little we use to stand up in the tub and say "It's PEE TIME!" and we would PEE! haha. We also had a rubber DUCKY around in our little tub, mom came in and yelled at us because there was water ALL over the floor.
and it was "Poison" We played this game for hours and hours at a time. We seriously thought if it touched us we would "DIE". So after Hours of running

We also use to play tag in our home and run around so fast laughing. .... It ended when I ran into my room and my dad just got out of the tub and I hit into him..... YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY.... haha.

We have always had a blast together.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy SiStEr:)


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