Friday, August 27, 2010


Life is so crazy right now!

Being a mommy, working full time, and planning a wedding is seriously hard work sometimes! I am so happy we are getting married in 10 weeks and all this planning will be over with and DONE!!!!!!!!! I seriously just can't wait to be married!

We have been up to a lot lately! Kristy had Lydia yesterday! 8.26.10 early in the morning! I will post the story of that soon! We finally took some pictures of Taylee! I took Taylee to the aquarium today:) She had a blast! I Can't belive how old she is getting! I seriously Can't believe we have 2 more baby girls added to the case family! It seems like just yesterday Taylee was born!

I finally found the shoes to wear on our wedding day! I'm seriously so sick of wedding planning! I really wanted to wear pink flats but my dress is to long so I bought some sassy high heels! and I LOVE THEM! They are actually pretty comfertable!

I'm taking my bridals in 3 weeks:)

Alyssa and Kenna got married! It was so fun to be alyssa's bridesmaid! Allyssa and Kenna looked beautiful as always!



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