Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas 2009

Tyler and I, I think we are pretty much the cutest couple ever. hahaha :D

Taylee Absolutely Adores this Four-Wheeler! She knew she approved of the gift when she would Yell AHHHHHHH! It was totally fun to have her be the spot light of Christmas this year! It wouldn't have been the same without her! Thank you God for such a Precious Daughter!

I got my daddy a huge basket of junk food. I think he loved it because it was all gone within a week!:D........... maybe the grandchildren had some.... OOPS!

Jenni and I got the same matching "dance" pants. We are pretty much obsessed. This is all we ever wear. It's so comfy! AND HELLO THEY ARE CUTE! hehehe. Thanks mom. I will keep them until the day I die. hahaha

Grandma and Grandpa got Taylee this dolly set. She is always playing with the Stroller! She loves it a lot! Thanks Gma & Gpa your the best!

We had the best Christmas anyone could ask for! Tyler said, "I'm done with Parties for awhile." Thats such a Tyler thing to say! I was begging for more! hahaha JK


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