Thursday, January 14, 2010

October Fun 2009

The Case Family can really get crazy sometimes! We always have a blast! Especially us Girls!!!:D
The day before Halloween we decided it would be fun to dress up like 80's crazy. Katie was thinking thats lame because she didn't have any of those clothes. ... The thing is........ thats all I ever use to wear in Jr. High. So All my room was covered with these clothes! We had a blast getting dressed! As you can tell there are tons of Pictures!!!:D

A few weeks before Lila was due!
Katie and Taylee!:D

Ha ha Sorry Katie. I think your face looks beautiful. I didn't know what our faces looked like until after I downloaded the pics. Here is my model sister Katie! lol

Jen Jen and Tay Tay at I HOP

Kalli and I. She's the cutest little dancer ever.

Tyler, Tay, and I. I had to bed Tyler to put the Green on. It was funny! He fits right in.... doesn't he?:D

Of course Jenni and I had to take this picture. She looks like a KAT woman. hehehe

Taylee has a crazy mommy I know.

Ha ha Katie, lovely face. Lila has an amazing pregnang belly!

The love of my life!
Tyler, Kalli and I .......... CHEESE!

I thought this is thee cutest natural shot ever! Of course Lila is thee prettiest Pregnant woman ever!

Taylee had a blast Trick-Or-Treating
She got to go with her cousins-Braxton, Kalli, and Kyler.
Grandpa and Grandma were happy she went, they got lots of yummy candy!



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