Friday, June 24, 2011


These are Taylee's 2 1/2 yr old pics. She was so excited when we woke up on a saturday morning and gave her a new outfit with jewerly. She said "I want to take pics mom!" the whole time in the car she was so excited and smiley. then when we got there she decided she can take them for five min. then she got mad. so We got as many as we could. they turned out pretty good. Thanks to my amazing husband:)

HOlY COW. I have disappeared the last 6 months of our life! Taylee is now 2 1/2. she is such a big girl! We have now been married for 6 months! time flies when your having fun!
Taylee talks so much she says everything I can't believe i haven't been posting it!
I potty trained her last weekend. shes doing so great! she loves being a "big girl".
Taylee is now attending Grandpas PReschool. SHE LOVES GOING THERE:) Which makes it so much easier to leave her and go to work 4 times a week. She has learned so much there.
We re did her whole entire room. bought all new furniture and I made all new decorations. Ill have to post some pics when it's all done:)
Now that it's summer we can actually go outside and go swimming yay! Taylee LOVES to swim. we got to Natalies pool every week. she uses arm floates, now she says, Mom Get out, I can swim alone. She has a BLAST!:)
Taylee has so much fun playing with her daddy, she loves wrestling with him. They are little buddies:)
Taylee Loves to watch Barney now. It's pretty funny how much she likes it. She also loves being a little mommy, shes such a little girlie girl. she loves to play and brush my hair. She loves loves loves dancing. She keeps telling me that she wants to take dance class. I told her when shes potty trained she can start! So at the end of the summer YAY!
Tay loves eating Oatmeal, popsicles, strawberries, raspberries, chicken, cheese, and of course chocolate. She loves Ranch. she always asks so she can "DIP IT"
As for Tyler and I, We like to get into tv series. We got netflix a few months ago when we bought the wii. So we watched all the office. Then I started on Greys Anatomy. I LOVE IT! IT's super addictive! It's nice to come home from a long day at work and get comfy on the couch and watch a good series.
I have been getting into wood crafts. I have made "Family, Summer, Spring, live with gratitude, Tayee, princess," and more to come with the seasons:)
Tyler got a tent for fathers day last weekend. So we are excited to start using it! He is also suppose to start riding his bike to work one day a week. He loves riding bikes! so i'm excited for him to start doing that! as for right now tyler wants to go to school to be a pharmasist. So he will start his long years of schooling fall.
We have been going fourwheeling with Grandpa a lot lately. Taylee says "I only want to ride with Bandpa" She seriously loves him more then anything in the whole entire world! My mom says that Grandpa and taylee have a special relationship, he is so great with her and I know he almost lost his life for her. It's crazy. I dont like t hinking about it. I'm just grateful he's okay and taylee loves him sooooooooooooooo much. ( good news) last year my dad was unemployeed for 10 months! he got a job 90 miles away 2 days i went through the temple and 3 days before our wedding. Which was so great! I'm so happy he wasen't stressed out for our wedding!!!!!!! I am so happy they are doing great now!
My sister katie is pregnant and having a little boy! I am so excited for her. shes had a horrible pregnancy. Now shes feeling better and looking alot more happy. shes due in nov!:) I just know when I see the little man I'm going to be sooooooooooo baby hungry :/ hehe
Jennie is now on Dance Company! YAHOO! no more drill team for her! Shes so much happier and less stressed out!
Kristy and Chris moved to Idaho right when lydia was born :( I'm so sad that she moved. shes such a great sister. I'm so happy for modern tech. so i can call her whenever I need her. I always ask her for input when taylees sick. shes so great!:) Lydia will be 1 sooN!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH


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I can't believe how big your little girl is getting. She is definitley beautiful and I am so glad that you and your family are so happy!! Congratulations on a great and joyful life!!!

August 7, 2011 at 7:10 PM  

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