Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Taylee had 3 Easter Egg Hunts!
1st was with Gma's Day care she kinda got the hang of it. She loves carrying the basket all over the house
2nd she didn't care about the candy much when she saw the Trampoline outside. So she jumped on the tramp the whole dang time! silly girl!

3rd was her own Easter egg hunt (Gma and Gpa and Jen Jen and Ty Ty and me were all there watching her ) she loves the spot light! so she picked up her candy then discovered a princess chair..... so she ended up sitting on the chair with all her candy and didn't want to move. It was hilarious! She loves her Princess chair! It will be fun to bring it camping with her!

Shes so sweet. Such a sassy little girl!


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