Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jordan Landing Temple

I am finally able to go to the temple now! I was so excited, We went to the Jordan River Temple. It was a blast. I was happy to share my "1st time again" with Tyler. We ended up going the same time as a yout group. It was seriously way crowded. It was a great calming feeling. After waiting 2 hrs we got a little ancy. It was kinda funny, he were betting on who was going to get baptized first. Tyler kept saying, I'm gonna go first. And I was like NO WAY! I WILL. We ended up laughing because he said he would run into the font to get there before me. I told him I would jump into it. HAHAHA. Even though the temple is a sacred place I think God wants people to feel happy there. It was pretty funny. We always know how to have a great time!
It is such a blessing to be able to go into the temple again!
My bishop knows how to put me strait to work. 2 weeks after I got my reccomend I got a calling. I thought he was going to be the nursury. but HORRAY! it wasen't. I am a SUNBEAM teacher. It should be pretty fun!


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