Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pancake Taylee

Taylee loves helping mommy make Pancakes,

She loves to sit on the table and watch everything I do. Whenever I put her on the ground she gets upset with me. So we had lots of fun making pancakes.

Favorite foods Now (14 1/2 Months Old)




*Cheese Crackers

Taylee is a little picky with what she eats at the moment. She Loves eating Jenni's food. She doesn't like eating what mommy gives her.

Taylee loves playing "Peek-A-Boo"

She especially loves dancing to music, whenever I video tape it...... she doesn't dance as much. I guess she gets a little "shy" which is crazy becasue shes my daughter . haha
She love to protect her mommy. A week ago Calvin popped my back and neck. After he was done Taylee ran up to me and sat on my head so Calvin couldn't touch me. It was hilarious

She's such a cutie


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