Sunday, April 18, 2010

***Taylee 17 Months***

***Taylee loves***
* Eating Ice
*Washing her own hair in the tub
*Climbing on tables
*Playing with kids
*Leg Warmers
*Toy Fridges
*Closing Doors
*Jumping on the Tramp
*Monkeys.... she says "ew ew ah ah "
TAYLEE'S WORDS (17 Months)
*More (Sign)
*Please (Sign)
*Water (Sign)
*Hot (Sign)
*Baba (bottle)
*Mama (Mommy)
*Jen Jen
*Sissy (Kalli)
*Ma (Grandma)
I say... Where's your eyes?
She Closes her eyes!:D
Loves to touch her belly button!


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