Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby Logan

Baby Logan James Christiansen
June 5th
8.3 lbs
19 1/2 inches

He is such a sweetheart. We are super excited for James and Jenn to FINALLY have a baby!

It seemed like Jenn was Pregnant FOREVER! I ended up finding out right when she was pregnant. (I actually can tell when some people are pregnant) So I knew before she Knew.... but..... shhhh we wont tell them that. They think i'm crazy when I say that. haha.

She was so LUCKY to have such an easy pregnancy! She worked the whole time and never had an early hospital visits. She actually went a week over her due date! I tell them they need to have like 6 kids becase her pregnancy is so EASY!

Congragulations Jenn and James


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