Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We went swimming with Katie, Natalie, and Kelsee and all their kids today. We had a BLAST! Everyday Taylee does funnier things! She was nervous to get into the water at first. Then she saw that all the "BIG" kids were swimming with floaties. so she let me let go and she floated all by herself! I was seriously sooo excited. It was like watching her walk for the first time. She is such a BIG girl! I am so proud of her! I can't wait to see the joys of she brings months and years to come!

I found out Kelsee is pregnant this week. She will be due in January! This will be her 3rd kid. Her and Zach are super excited! Congrats Kelsee:)

Taylee holding her special water doll:)

Taylee swimming all by herself! BIG GIRL!

Kyler, Kalli, Taylee and of course her baby:D

Taylee and Paisley! Paisley also started swimming by herself today:)

Taylee was super excited to be in the water. She didn't want me helping her swim. MISS INDEPENDENT!

Taylee sitting at the hot tub. She carried that baby with her THEE WHOLE time at the pool:)


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