Thursday, July 15, 2010

20 Months Old

Taylee Turned 20 Months old yesterday! I can't believe my little baby is not a baby baby anymore! She is such a cute big girl toddler. She loves loves to play with Kalli and Kyler. When Kalli is around she wants nothing to do with mommy. she wants to do everything like Kalli (which is good because she will watch Kalli perform dancing and Taylee will fall in love.... well thats my plan)
Taylee says-
YA!!! (Screams it)
Taylee Loves-
Summersaults (shes getting to be a pro at doing them on the trampoline)
New Baby Alive Baby dolly (she is the same as Kalli)
Sleeping in her big girl bed
Playing with Jen Jen
Laughing with Ty ty
Hugs from mommy
Floating all by herself in the pool
Eating ICe Cream
The other day I said, "Taylee can I have a kiss?" Taylee said, "MWAH!"(gave me a kiss) I said, "can I have another one please?" Taylee says, "EH!!!!! ...NO!" haha what a SASS


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