Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wedding Plans:)

I seriously can not believe we are getting Married in 114 DAYS!!!

*114 Days
*17 Weeks
* 4 1/2 Months
We have so much to plan!

I have my Bridesmaids chosen now:)

(Best Friends)

I am going wedding dress shopping on Saturday! My Friend Jena wants to do a photoshoot to build her portfolio, She wants Kenna, Alyssa and I do all be in our wedding dresses and take pictures! I think it will be a BLAST if I can actually find the dress I LOVE in time!!! My High School friends all in wedding dresses in the same picture! What a dream right?

We have been looking around for honeymoon hotels and the best deals for plane tickets, we want to go to Disney Land:)

We picked our wedding colors, They are black, bright pink, and bright blue:)
We have been looking around at wedding cakes. We want something very simple but still "Jessi and Tyler style."

We have been talking about our wedding for months and months now. It's actually going to happen!!!!! I am so so so excited!

Today we went to the Park with Taylee, I was talking to Tyler and asking him if it's going to be wierd to call me his "wife"? He said, "No i'm totally ready." The look on his face was seriously so amazing. I can't believe I found such an amazing man. He amazes me every day.

He totally tickled me all night tonight. I never knew somebody could be so ticklish on there neck! hahaha. I love him Tyler Ray!!!


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