Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Tyler and I were waiting for me to find a job and for him to find a better job. From December until May It was seriously DRAGGING ON!!!!!!! We talked and decided that we knew we are suppose to be sealed in the temple and god will make is possible. The day we got engaged my sister kristy had told me about a Dental Assistant Position that was open. I had an interview and were hired within 9 days after we got engaged! Tyler actually got a job within 3 days of getting ENGAGED!!! Isn't it crazy how god works in crazy ways? We were seriously so happy! We set the date also! November 4th we will be Sealed for Time and All Eternity!

My job is amazing. I love all the people I work with. I feel right at home around all the girls. The Dentist is super amazing. It was hard to leave Taylee the 1st week. I know she is in good hands with an amazing provider. The 2nd week has not been to hard on me leaving Taylee....(thankfully) The 1st week I left crying and crying that I had to leave her all day. I know God wants me where I am today and I am so happy to have the job I have! He seriously knows that If I had to leave Taylee for some crappy fast food place I woudln't be able to do it!

Tyler has to wake up at 4:30 am every morning. We both get Friday, Saturday and Sundays off:) I feel so bad for Tyler though. He already has a huge problem with falling asleep. Now he really has to go to bed by 9:00P.M. so he can wake up so early. He is doing really great. He was a welding position. He has been keeping up and its only his 2nd day! (what a fast learner I know) Tylers boss told him he has the hardest job in the whole shop!!!

We have been doing lots of fun stuff on the weekends, We went to the Mountains, and swimming, and Katies house for a BBQ, Logans baby blessing and more stuff which Ill post about later.

When I'm assisting my eyes will give out after about 10 seconds so I have to re-focus them. So I bought glasses last week! Hopefully I love them because I freakin spend $350.00 on them! I can't wait until I can see!

I have been much happier, the time I have with Taylee I cherish it so much. I am all together a happier person when I have to wake up and I HAVE to be somewhere. I am so excited to start planning the wedding!!!:)

Brie and Brooke are going to come wedding dress shopping with me next month:) how sweet is that? Brie lives all the way in St. George. So i am happy to have her come up and share this moment with me:) .......ITS LIKE A CHILDHOOD DREAM TO PICK OUT MY WEDDING DRESS WITH MY 2 BEST FRIENDS FROM ELEMENTARY:)

My 2 other best friends are getting married next month! Alyssa is getting married Aug 14th! I am going to be her bridesmaid and throw her a Bacheloretter party:) Kenna is also getting married Aug 16th!!!:) I am so excited because Ken will be able to come to our sealing!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Life is actually coming together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN"T WAIT! LESS THEN 4 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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