Saturday, July 10, 2010

Payson Lake!

This is one of my favorite pictures with Tyler and I! AHHHHHHH I can't wait to get married to hiM!!!!!!!! He is seriously amazing! everything I ever dreamed and more!!!:)

WE went to Payson Lake over July 4th weekend:)
A year ago from today is when he kinda met. His sister had us text eachother. So we have actually known of eachother for a year now!!!!!!

We had a blast with the family!

Grandpa fell asleep!:)
getting ready to Kayak with my amazing fiance!:) Chris always said, "Go in the Corner of the lake and make out;) it was hilarious. I told Kristy he was giving her hints and she said no way i'm going to fall asleep on the boat... I ended up taking Tyler to the center:) hahaha;)

YAY!!!!!!!!! ready to go Kayaking:)

Taylee seriously LOVES Kristy! She always wants to be with Kristy when they are around... .it's nice to be abe to get some alone time with Ty:)
Look how cute Taylee is:)


Pretty Lake!!!!!!!!


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