Monday, July 12, 2010

Engaged for 1 Month Today!!!

We got engaged exactly a month ago from today! A LOT has happened since then!!!! Okay for starters, I haven't been sick for years (besides pregnancy) and the 1st month We've been engaged I got an Ear Ache for 2 weeks, My eyes have been going CRAZY so I got new glasses, and Today I just got strep!!!!!! HOLY HECK! I think I'm done with being sick for the next 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!

I was telling Tyler yesterday that When I saw the baby at church and Jenn's baby I wanted another one...(some day down the road) I seriously LOVE babies. So this morning I wake up and start feeling sick and It just reminded me of how sick I was when I was pregnant, That baby thought is going to be gone for a LONG LONG TIME! At least until Taylee in 5 Years old!

It's crazy, Kyler and I both got ear aches the same time. Then Katie got strep last week and we ended up drinking some the same slurpee so I got it to. When I went in for work today we had like 11 check-ups. It was such a busy morning. I thought I was sick from my glasses, and trying to get use to them. Then I started sweating, and shaking, and I thought I was literally going to pass out. Then I got to the point where I couldn't even swallow it hurt so bad. Dr. Martin gave me a prescription. Within the 1st hour the pain doubled. I was laying in bed shaking because I was so freezing, and I couldn't even breathe so I was making wierd noises to try to keep breathing. Tyler came and brought me Chicken noodle soup and took Taylee so I could rest. He told me to take a bath, because My head, neck, back, hips, tailbone, legs, and feet were THROBBING and SO COLD. I got in the tub and I thought I was going to pass out. I got to the point where I was almost un-cautious. So i had to get out before I passed out in the water and Drowned. It was so crazy. I went to bed and feel asleep for a few hours.

I am seriously so lucky to have such a good Fiance who loves and cares about ME and taylee. He would do anything for us. I appreciate it so much.

I love you Ty Ty:)

P.S.- we have been looking for prices for honeymoon stuff and we are getting really excited! It is started to feel real!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) YAY:)

OH yeah, ... I was always the one to joke with Ty and tell him that he is always sick. Now he has turned that around on me.... how nice huh? haha


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