Saturday, July 10, 2010

West Vest

We went to West Vest 3 nights in a row. Kalli and Jenni danced and then we watched fireworks! It was a blast!!!!!!! Kristy and Chris made it to watch Jennie dance. They found out last minute and rushed down. The fireworks were way fun. Taylee Loved them:)
Jenni right after she danced! She made it to the second Level. She did such a good job. The dance was adorable.
(she danced to the song, these boots were made for walking. and she wore my cowboy boots. it was cute. one of the judges said,"what are the boots for." I thought they were idiots..... you shouldn't judge if you dont know how to listen to a song and put it to a dance. haha

Awww Look how cute:)


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