Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Princess Taylee 19 Months

I have Thee CUTEST daughter anybody could EVER ask for! She does the cutest things and has the cutest personality ever! She is always so dolled up (thaks to her mommy HA ) I think she looks like an absolute PRINCESS in this picture:) I found this Tu Tu at Claires and It was to die for when I put it on her. I coudn't pass it up!
Everybody tells me she looks like a PRECIOUS BALLERINA:)
In this picture she looks ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I love it so much. This is her favorite outside toy to play with.

She has the BIGGEST Smile ever! She is such a sweet joy in all the lives around her:)
She just discovered when she gives me kisses she can bite my lip and wont let go. She thinks its THEE FUNNIEST THING EVER:) When she gets tired she pushes her head and rubs it against mine. SHe did it so hard one day my lip started bleeding. haha SILLY GIRL

*Baby dolls
*Her new bed
*Kalli and Kyler
*Swimming in the pool
*Being outside
*Kissing her mama
*Hugs from Ty Ty
*Waking up to Jen Jen on Summer mornings
*Go Gurts
*Ice Cream
*Looking at pictures of herself
*Watching Videos of Herself
*Morning Snuggles

Taylee Says
***** UP!!!*****
****LOOK AT!!!****
***LOVE YOU!!!***
I have the most precious Daughter ever! I have to say I can't imagine life with another one for A LONG time! At least until Taylee is 5 yrs old. She is the LIGHT of my WORLD.


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