Sunday, April 18, 2010

Liberty Park with Cousins

Pretty Picture:)

Taylees so cute:)

Okay there is seriously bird poop rigiht by my mouth and nose and on my jacket! EWW

Kids with Jen jen

My sandwhich. hahahahahahah

Tyler and Tay!!

We went to Liberty Park on such a great Saturday. It felt so amazing! Taylee loves being with Kyler and Kalli! Especially Jen Jen and Of course Ty Ty!

The kids chased the birds all over the hills, and fed them! It was great until a bird decided to poop on my face!

They Played on the playground. We saw a Polygamist family. The guy had 3 wives with him. Aging from sixty years old to twenty years old. Sorry but that is wierd. How can anybody let there husband be with another wife??? HECK NO!!!!

Anyways we had a blast at the park. Taylee loved chasing the birds all over the place and loved the slides!!!


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