Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bretts sentencing

Taylee has a bruise by the botton of her right eye. you can't see it to well because it was 4 days later. this was when brett punched her.

This was my dad right after it happened. before he had stitches.

This is my dad 4 days after it happened. On the 2nd and 3rd day it was horrible. it looked 2 times better and more swollen then now.

This is just another picture. I also had bruses on my arm. When Brett was tring to get tay in the car he had my in the head lock and was putting pressue on the left side of my body. so the left side of my body was sore for weeks after. I feel horrible for my dad. even his knee and every other part of his body is hurt. he suffers from a bad concussion.
below is the story of sept 29, 2009.

Alright, so today was Brett's sentencing. Here is just a blimpse of our background.

I got pregnant when I was only 15 years old. I was scared to be a single mom. He made me feel like I was worthless and nobody would ever want me. I felt alone, stuck, and miserable. We got married and less then 1 day into it I knew we were not meant to be together. But I wanted to try and see for Taylee. (the first night we were married he held me down and made me do stuff with him and I would cry and cry and cry, he hurt me so bad, he never cared about me, he only cared to pleasure himself) After the first night everytime it happened it was the same. I thought it might be normal. But after talking to my family I realized that it was wrong and it's actually considered rape.

Besides that, Brett loved to play ball and leave in the middle of the night. Only 3 days after we were married he started leaving all the time. He would stay out until 5:0o AM or longer. sometimes he would stay out all night and all day without calling me. and said, "My phone was dead." "I was playing video games with Kevin(even though I wen to his moms home and he was nowhere to be found." Brett would tell me that he needed his own space. Especially since I was pregnant an dmy hormones were everywhere. I could understand that. He promised me, "Once the baby is born I will step up and never ever never ever leave again and I will always be there for you and Taylee." I decided to believe him. I thought he would change after I had our sweet princess. I thought she would change and he would actually grow up. After countless nights of driving around trying to find him. Calling him millions of times wondering if I was going to have this baby being a single mom, it got old. It hurt me.

Brett was not so great at finishing High school and getting a job. He would much rather sit at home all day long and play x box. He just thought everybody would "HOOK HIM UP" He had a few jobs. He only held them for a month or so. I think that if a guy doesn't care to get a job and be a man, he is pretty much worthless. You can't support a family without a job. Unless you want to live in a homeless shelter for the rest of your life. It's just not right.

Brett loved to text and myspace lots of girls. I think it was about 15 girls that he was flirting with. I have no idea how many he actually kissed or slept with. I know after we even caught him he dind't want to admit it. That was hard for me, especially since I was pregnant. I only ever know about everybodies marriages that are so good. Then all the sudden I feel like this ugly fat pregnant girl who's husband is cheating on with 15 other girls......... and they were seriously not the cutest! I felt so low!

Brett never helped me at the hospital after Taylee was born, I had a C-section. I coudln't move at all. Taylee had many poopie diapers and I would cry to him. I was ask him to please help me. He said,"Call the nurse, thats what they are for." All he cared about was eating and sleeping. He only bought Subway for himself. He never let me get any food. He ate all my hospital food. After five days I was seriously starving. I actually had to tell him to leave and go work and try to make money. He was wasting his time. He was not helping me. He took the hospital baby being born as his vacation. As far as I'm concerned, The hospital is when the guy steps up the most. Especially when the girl has a C-section! (Pretty much he is lazy and justs wants to relax or play)
Taylee was only 6 weeks old when she cried and cried one night for 6 hours plus. (she is seriosly the best baby, she never ever cried, she was tough) so one night shes crying for six hours. I'm still recovering from my C-section. I was seriously dead tired. I couldn't even keep my eyes open to take care of her. I asked Brett, "Please help, i'm seriously on survival mode." He was playing x box and he dind't care to be bothered. Then Brett decided a few hours later that he would go to sleep and enjoy himself. meanwhile i'm taking care of a screaming baby who really wont sleep. I called my Brother in law crying. I asked him to give her a blessing over the phone. I had no more patience. I was so mad at Brett. I coudln't get my sweet baby to stop crying. I looked at Taylee and told her, "Please STOP crying." ....... Calvin advised me to take her to the emergency room. I told Brett I was going. He didn't care, he went to sleep. So here I am. On a cold winter icy middle of the night. Driving to the hospital. I called Brett crying, I said, I feel bad that I told taylee to stop crying. I'm such a mean mom. i felt horrible. Brett told me evrything is okay just go to the hospital. So Brett is at home all warm and cozy in his bed sleeping like a little princess. I'm driving to the hospital with a screaming baby, a C-section where I shouldn't even be carring the car seat by myself. The hospital (st Marks) discovered her heart rate was very fast, unusually fast, they told me to drive to Primary childrens. I didn't know how to get there. I tried to find my way. As everybody knows the road to get up to Primary is SO STEEP! I was driving a car that was only a week old. in the snow. I was SCREAMING AND PRAYING TO GOD TO HELP ME DRIVE SAFE UP THIS ROAD. I finially made it to the hospital and I was sobbing when I walked in, it was so hard to carry taylee with the car seat with all my stitches. They took x rays of her. and around 8 Am they sent her home. On the way home I was exhausted. My sister Katie was execting me to drive home get my clothes and come to her home and sleep all day while she watched taylee. (Brett never answered his phone at the hospital when I would call, nor did he call to make sure his daughter was okay) I got home, Brett was suppose to be gone to work, I thought "ok ill hurry in and get my stuff then go to katies. Now suddenly out walks Brett, Just waking up from a peaceful nights sleep. I locked my car door and got out. He told me he wanted to see his baby. I told him, "No you dont deserve to see her, You dont even care enough to come to the hospital , let alone call and make sure she is okay." He said Let me see my baby now. . I said no let me get in the car and leave, he said no really. I slapped his face and told him to grow up. He said, "IF YOU DONT LET ME SEE HER I WILL CALL THE POLICE RIGHT NOW AND MAKE A HUGE STORY UP AND MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU ABUSED HER, SHE WILL BE GONE FROM YOU FOREVER. " I was seriously terrified. He has now minipulated me, telling me that taylee will be gone forever. He knows how to get everybody on his side. Taylee was my most important thing. she was my soul. I had to listen to him so he woudln't do that to me. He made me go into the apartment and stay there. (he took the next 2 weeks off, he told his boss that his baby was sick and he was at the hospital all night) ......... this just shows me how crazy he is. I can't believe he actually minipulated me so much I had to listen to his every command. It makes me sick. He is so sick and wrong.

Brett is thee most minipulative person I have ever met! He could meet someone off the street and 2 weeks later have them fall for him. Even though he has so many bad things .... he can "put on a show" This worried me..... becasue........ when it's time to go to court.... is he going to put on a face and make the judge fall for him, let him loose???

On Sept. 29th Brett wanted to see Taylee. He had not seen her for a few weeks. He found out I had a boyfriend (tyler) and Tyler was helping me put taylee to sleep becasue she had a rough night. Brett got very angry. He didn't want another guy taking his spot. But really, Taylee deserves a guy that will always be there. not a dad that will pick and choose when to be there(exactly like brett) I told him when we were getting divorced that he needs to realize that another man will be in my life sometime and he will be there for taylee always and he can't get jealous. So after brett hears there is another "dad" in taylee's life. he tells me that he will find tyler and kill him. I immediately called the police and made a report. I had to let Brett see taylee because he was allowed 9 hours a week from the court. I told my dad what had happened. Once Brett walked into the door he was looking at his phone he was acting like he is the coolest hottest shit in the world. My dad told him, "There will be no more threats, if there are, you will no longer be allowed into my home." Brett got very mad. he got into my dads face. He told him that he can come here whenever he wants, Taylee is his daughter and pretty much that he ownes her. So I was standing next to my dad. (taylee was in my arms) I told brett that he needed to leave. He was being disrespectful to my dad and it's my dads home. thats not allowed just then he tried to force taylee out of my arms. I wouldnt' let him. then he finally squeezed her so hard she started screaming. I told my dad to try and get taylee out of his arms. My dad reached to grab taylee and Brett started punching my dad. Brett had Taylee in his right arm he was using her as a total body shield. Brett threw taylee all over the place so much that I had to bring her to the hospital to make sure she didn't have shaken baby syndrom. I thought my daughter was going to be dead after that moment. My dad couldn't defend himself because he didn't want Taylee getting hurt. He would never hurt his grand daughter. even if it meant getting the crap beat out of him until he passes out. which happened. Brett punched my dad 3- 5 times. My dads eyes were bleeding. My dad got very daised. Brett Ran outside with Taylee screamin in his arms. He still kept swining her. He acted as if she was his possession like a baby doll. he was not treating her like a human. by now she was screaming on top of her lungs. she kept looking at me, "Her eyes were telling me to help her. That she trusted me and she always has only ever trusted me, they told me I was her support, I was her everything, and mommy please dont let him hurt me or take me away anymore. I felt hopeless. Brett is so tall and when he has anger he gets really strong. My poor baby was screaming and I didn't know what to do about it. I tried and tried to grab her. Brett wouldn't let her go. I starting telling god I needed help and I coudlnt' do this alone. Brett was just about to unlock his car and put taylee in the front seat (WITHOUT A CAR SEAT) and drive away. When Brett is angry he drives like a crazy person. I was seriously thinking if I want to save my daughters life right this moment I need gods help, Just then a lady drove by . she had a few kids in the car. I cried to her. I begged her to help me. I told her he was going to kidnap my baby and hurt her. She got out of the car. He handed Taylee to her, she quickly gave Taylee to me and drove away. By now my dad came out and told me not to worry, that the cops would be here soon. This really made brett mad. So Brett decided to start another fight with my dad. Brett said,"whats wrong can't you fight? Aren't you a man?" Brett was jumping up and down getting tons of energy, my dad was still out of it from getting punched so many times. Brett grabbed my dad and beat him to the ground. My dad passed out. His eyes were rolling behind his head. The blood was dripping from his eyes. He was huffing and puffing trying to keep himself alive. His shirt was bloody and untucked. his glasses were broken. He was literally on the verge of dying. As Brett started kicking his head with his size 17 feet. He kicked his stomach and head a bunch of times. OVer and over. (dad has blood clots, this was literally hard on his body). I was like frozen in one spot. I had Taylee in one arm, and my father dying infront on me and I needed to get taylee away so he woudn't take her. But I didnt' want my dad to die. So i Literally started to yelling for neighbors to help. all the neighbors ran out and pulled Brett off my dad. I ran into and gave taylee to my mom. I needed to calm myself down. I called my brother in law- calvin. I told him that dad is dead. he needs helps. it was a miracle that calvin actually answered his phone. he will never answer his phone unless you leave him a voice mail. haha. so he had a feeling to answer the phone. he rushed over to help my dad on the grass outside. I called Tyler, I was panicing, Tyler came over asap. He waited until the cops arrested Brett to come in. If Brett were not locked up and would have hurt ty to. The ambulance came over and helped my dad and my dad went to the hopital. They checked taylee and I . They said it would be best to admit taylee to the hopital. we did. we brought her to a hospital and they admitted her to primary childrens. we did x rays on her and lucky nothing was to hurt. just a little brused. I saw my dad at the hospital within an hour his head seriosuly looked like 500 pounds. it was so huge!!!I was so sick when I saw my dad I just started sobbing. I felt like it was all my fault. Brett was taken to jail and 2 hours later they took him out. the jails were to full. probaly of stupid people with driving tickets.

now it's 5-6 months later. Brett was sentenced today. we thought He would only get maybe 10 - 30 days in jail . and we hoped he would get a long probation time. Brett got up and said sorry me my father and I . he cried and of course tried to minipulate us. He should actually be honest if he's saying sorry. dont say sorry just to try to get yourself out of jail. So after brett talked my dad went up and said a lot. he said that brett gets bailed out of everything and he needs to learn his lesson and actually take responsibility in his life. So, while my dad was up there, brett kept looking at me and saying sorry and crying and telling me that he loved me. I just ignored him. I dont like how crazy he is. I was getting emotional becase how can he hurt my family so much and now it's affecting him when he is going to start serving jail time? so, i went up, I told my judge and brett that i'm scared always, i'm scred to leave my home everyday. I always have to watch my back. I am scared he will rape taylee. (when I said that, Brett started laughing, ((IF he was really a good guy, he would feel horrible somebody would say that, not start laughing)) So Then I told the judge that i get nightmares all the time and I always have to be extra careful so he never takes her from me. I told him that he has never taken the responsibility of paying the professional child supervisor place so he would see taylee and have a relationship with her. Then Brett gets up and he starts taking so much smack. he went back and forth on his words he kept lying about the sept 29th situation. He was like "blowing up" the judge saw how he went from sad saying sorry to saying how everything was my dads fault. so the judge DOUBLED HIS TIME IN JAIL! BRETT GETS 180 DAYS IN JAIL AND 3 YEARS OF PROBATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLUS AROUND 2,00$ IN FEES. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW AMAZING THAT WAS! I was more then happy! It shows you how using your minipulative personality to a judge doens't fly by.

I was so sick today I had a officer escort me into the court house. I was shaking and I felt like i was going to puke. I was so proud that I got up infront of Brett and told the judge what I felt like. I feel like I conquered my fear! Especially becasue I felt like I was a mouth for taylee today. I was standing up for my daughter.

It was hilarious I subbed for dance today. when I got home, my parents were celebrating without our neighbors. They had rootbeer floats and pie. hahaa. i am so grateful for my dad. and so happy that brett is spending time that he deserves in jail!!!

By the way, I wrote this in my blog becasue I want to always remember what happened. If i ever have any questions I can always look back on this. Also if other people read this, if they are in an abusive relatinship then they need to get out, they dont even want it to hurt there family this much!
There was a million billion other things he did, that was just some of it.


Blogger Lisa said...

Oh my sweet Jessi, my heart broke reading this. I can not believe my sweet smiling Jessi has had to go through so much. I am so sorry Jessi.
You are so brave. So brave to make it though this, so brave to share this with us all and so brave to take a stand and do all that you can to protect that precious daughter of yours. There is something amazing about being a mother and we have instincts to always protect our children. You are a good person Jessi Case. I am so blessed to know you. You keep doing what you know to be right and your life will continue to be blessed.
I hope you will be able to heal from all of this. BIG HUG. Love the best YW leader ever, ha ha
love Lisa

January 20, 2010 at 7:17 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

You are so brave to post such an honest story I think someday someone will read it and be inspired to walk away from an abusive manipulator they feel trapped by. I'm so glad you have now found peace and happiness!

January 20, 2010 at 11:33 PM  
Blogger Brie Higley said...

Goodness Jessie, my eyes started tearing up reading this. I had no idea brett was like this. I'm so glad that he is serving his time and that you can feel peace in your life. I'm so sorry you and your daughter had to go through this. I believe God has an amazing plan for you and taylee and this has just made you stronger. And now your blessed with tyler who is amazing with you and taylee. I couldn't be happier for you. I miss you so much Jessie and I want to see your little princess and tyler too. You've always brought so much joy and laughter into my life. I've never laughed as hard with anyone as i have with you. But i'm just writing to you to tell you how strong i think you are and how you have the ability to inspire other young ladies lives that might be in the same situation. I truly believe that God has been by your side and giving your strength through this situation and now has brought you peace with your life. "The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace." psalm 29:11 I love you and hopefully i'll be up there sooner than later. -Brie

February 6, 2010 at 8:58 AM  
Blogger Sammie Brumble said...

Jessi, I just wanted to tell you that i am proud of you. You are amazing. and every time i see new pics of Taylee or read the cute things you say about her i am blown away by your maturity and love. I really look up to you Jessi, I want to be the kind of mom you are. I'm so happy things are going well in your life. I know that the Lord is blessing you because of the great things you are doing. I love you Jess.

February 16, 2010 at 2:49 AM  

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