Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tyler is seriously amazing! He is a huge special part of Taylee and my life! Tyler was driving, he told me this dream that he had. Seriously the cutest dream ever!!!...

ok so for some reason him and I were not together. Which meant Taylee was not around him. He just kept thinking ," Where is Taylee. I need her in my life. I miss Taylee. Where is she?" He didn't care so much about where I was. He just really needed Taylee in his life. Is that not the sweetest dream you can ever imagine!!!???!!!??? When I heard that, my heart melted. He is seriously so sweet to Taylee.

Another cute thing, On Saturday Tyler and I were just relaxing around the home. He decided he wanted to blow dry and straighten my hair. So i let him, he did such a cute, silly job. My hair looked like a rats nest. But it was cute that he tried. I tried to teach him how to blow dry it. He got pretty board of that. I also tried to show him how to use the straightner, He kept saying, "I think it's strait." (it was not strait at all) LOL! He is seriously the most amazing guy ever!!! I am so lucky to have him!!!

On Friday night we got to go to Chijis (without Taylee) yay:D. We had a blast with eachother. Tyler has some hilarious impressions of me. he is totally adorable!


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