Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lydia Nicole 08.26.10

Kristy had Lydia Nicole Horsley on August 26th at 8:30 am.
She had slept over at my parents house that night because Chris was in Idaho applying for a job. I woke up to Kristy in Labor. I had Taylee and Braxten being fussy, Kristy about to pop, Finding a hospital that accepted her insurance, plus trying to be calm so Kristy Could be in the right zone for a natural delivery. I called Katie a million times and finally she answered and rushed over.

Katie drove her 5 minutes away to Pioneer Hospital. Right when the walked in the hospital Kristy got in her room and started pushing! Did did it all NATURAL! she is seriously my hero! I can't believe she did it. Even with all the stress from the morning. Katie did such a great job in helping her relax.

I had to go to work, I barley missed it:( I was sad I couldn't watch it. Thats okay though. I'm glad Lydia and Kristy are safe!

Chris got the job in Idaho. They are blessing Lydia This Sunday. (she'll be 2 weeks old) Then they are moving to Idaho! I'm sad I won't be able to see Lydia as much as I would like. I love her so much!
GRANDPA and Lydia.... Grandchild #7!
BRAXTEN AND LYDIA.... He wasen't to excited to see her. He got extra mad because Taylee was standing by his feet. .... He loves her in his "boy WAYS" hahaha:) so cute
I took this picture of Lydia. Shes so precious. I LOVE HER:)


We went to Park City with all the girls in the office! We had a blast!
First we went out to dinner, Then we went hot tubbing, and we came back and snacked out all night and played some games. we all went to bed around 3am. It has been so much fun getting to know all the girls in the office! I am so happy to be working with such great people!
Jenn, Cammie, Kerrie, Charissa, Me and Candice

(I took over Candice's job, She moved to Florida with her husband)
Going SHopping!

Alyssas Wedding!

Alyssa got married on August 14th! She slept over at my house the night before with the bridesmaids! We had B-fast in the morning, then got ready and did out nails at my house until the wedding. It was a nice relaxing day for her! She seriously looked so beautiful. She did such a great job planning the wedding. It looked beautiful. That was by far the funniest wedding I've ever been To! I'm so happy for her!

Taylee loves her puppy Sophie. She kept holding her and kissing her! I JUST LOVE ALL OF THESE PICTURES!


Alyssas Bachelorette party!:) We went to CHILIS:)