Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jordan Landing Temple

I am finally able to go to the temple now! I was so excited, We went to the Jordan River Temple. It was a blast. I was happy to share my "1st time again" with Tyler. We ended up going the same time as a yout group. It was seriously way crowded. It was a great calming feeling. After waiting 2 hrs we got a little ancy. It was kinda funny, he were betting on who was going to get baptized first. Tyler kept saying, I'm gonna go first. And I was like NO WAY! I WILL. We ended up laughing because he said he would run into the font to get there before me. I told him I would jump into it. HAHAHA. Even though the temple is a sacred place I think God wants people to feel happy there. It was pretty funny. We always know how to have a great time!
It is such a blessing to be able to go into the temple again!
My bishop knows how to put me strait to work. 2 weeks after I got my reccomend I got a calling. I thought he was going to be the nursury. but HORRAY! it wasen't. I am a SUNBEAM teacher. It should be pretty fun!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Funny Taylee Moments

We were at James and Jenn's home (Tylers Bro) They have a dog and while we were watching a movie Taylee got into all the dog food and water. So she smelled like wet dog... Completely nasty ha. So I took her clothes off then her diaper, I didn't notice that she was poopie so all the sudden I was holding a naked poopie little Taylee. It was the funniest thing ever. She gave her a bath, She loves taking a bath. After she got out we had to put her in clothes but we didn't have any extras... so we put Ty's old shirt on her with a rope around. It was seriously the funniest thing ever! Aww we love her so much!

Pancake Taylee

Taylee loves helping mommy make Pancakes,

She loves to sit on the table and watch everything I do. Whenever I put her on the ground she gets upset with me. So we had lots of fun making pancakes.

Favorite foods Now (14 1/2 Months Old)




*Cheese Crackers

Taylee is a little picky with what she eats at the moment. She Loves eating Jenni's food. She doesn't like eating what mommy gives her.

Taylee loves playing "Peek-A-Boo"

She especially loves dancing to music, whenever I video tape it...... she doesn't dance as much. I guess she gets a little "shy" which is crazy becasue shes my daughter . haha
She love to protect her mommy. A week ago Calvin popped my back and neck. After he was done Taylee ran up to me and sat on my head so Calvin couldn't touch me. It was hilarious

She's such a cutie