Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finally ENGAGED!!!

We are so excited to be getting married and Be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity!
Kristy and Chris Celebrated with sparkling Juice:) Toast to eternity! Katie and kalli and my Parents and Jenni were also there:)

I love my ring so much

Love this pic

I was so excited I coudn't stop giggling

My amazing ring:)

We had a picnic after and we noticed some bug poop on the blanket... we looked up and noticed a bunch of bugs pooping on us so we left! Right when we got in the car in started POORING RAIN!!!! crazy we left at perfect timing!!!

(right when we got there it stopped raining! ) God knew today was our day!!!:)


Such a pretty waterfall!


My adorable fiance:)
I was so excited I Jumped on him and started screaming!!! YAY!!!:)

Right when we got up there I told Tyler ," Lets get your camera out and take a picture." He thought I said, "Lets go back down.".... he was totally in another world and totally nervous. He said Wait! I need to ask you a question! He got the ring out of his camera case and got on his knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes! and I wanted to put the ring on! We were seriously shaking so bad! It was so hard to put the ring on because we were shaking!!!

Our 1st Picture together ENGAGED:)

This is a little bit of the steep hike that I was dying on!

This is us right before Hiking of the mountain... we tried to get a picture of the huge mountain.... that didn't work out... hahaha

So We hiked up the Mountain and Tyler was seriously walking SO FAST! I coudn't even breathe. My legs were BURNING! So finally I said, "Tyler slow Down Your killing me, are you even tired." He turned around and said, "Nope, I'm perfect." He seriously was not even breathing hard! I felt like I was RUNNING behind him! It was a little strange he didnt' say one word and He never used his camera the whole time...

Bottom of the fall...:)

We walked to the bottom of the falls and some nice people took some picutes of us. Tyler Thought he was going to ask me here because he didn't know there was actually a hike we could go up. I asked some people and they told us about a trail... I insisted we go to the top of the fall:)

We sat down by the river. Some Kayakers were coming down and they got stuck!
Later I found out Tyler was wondering where he should pop the question. He didnt' like this place because it was to muddy.

He is totally adorable. He was acting so strange though. He woudn't really talk. He was acting very SERIOUS

as you can see Tyler has his camera on his shoulders. everytime I held his hand... he moved his camera!

We got out of the car and tyler INSISTED he needed to take his camera.
So this story is pretty much HILARIOUS! We parked and I had to pee soooo bad! I ran to the bathroom and Tyler went to. I was laughing so hard because we went pee at the same time and it was SUPER loud! (on the way down I was laughing about the bathroom and Ty said, "I Went in the Urinal" I said, What! I thought that was a cubbie hole so people could put stuff in it, I put my camera in it!!!! It was pretty funny.

So we started walking on the trail.... So pretty!

We went to Bridal Veil Falls On June 12th 2010. I just got a new camera so I was taking Pictures. The Mountains were so pretty. They are fog all around them. I loved it.
We Dropped Taylee off at Kristy's house so we could go alone:) thanks Kristy your amazing:)

Pretty ears pierced!!!

Taylee Loves her Ears:) she shows everybody how "Pretty" they are! BIG GIRL

After we went to Cafe Rio... Taylee ate he favorite... ICE:) Pretty ears:)

taylee Hugging TY TY:) she loves him so much:)

We decided to get Taylee's ears pierced:) She didn't like the marking her ear part. It took seriously FOREVER to get it in the right place. When they actually pierced her ears she cried for a minute after and then she forgot all about it.
(right before we left I had Jenni put some diamond earings in and taylee loves to be like Jenni. so she was super excited to show jenni her ears were like hers:)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Then and Now...

She is already 19 months old! Time flies so fast! She is so sweet:) She has the cutest SMILE:)
Taylee Jae was so LITTLE! She is seriously the cutest baby I've ever seen:) I LOVE HER SO MUCH:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Princess Taylee 19 Months

I have Thee CUTEST daughter anybody could EVER ask for! She does the cutest things and has the cutest personality ever! She is always so dolled up (thaks to her mommy HA ) I think she looks like an absolute PRINCESS in this picture:) I found this Tu Tu at Claires and It was to die for when I put it on her. I coudn't pass it up!
Everybody tells me she looks like a PRECIOUS BALLERINA:)
In this picture she looks ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I love it so much. This is her favorite outside toy to play with.

She has the BIGGEST Smile ever! She is such a sweet joy in all the lives around her:)
She just discovered when she gives me kisses she can bite my lip and wont let go. She thinks its THEE FUNNIEST THING EVER:) When she gets tired she pushes her head and rubs it against mine. SHe did it so hard one day my lip started bleeding. haha SILLY GIRL

*Baby dolls
*Her new bed
*Kalli and Kyler
*Swimming in the pool
*Being outside
*Kissing her mama
*Hugs from Ty Ty
*Waking up to Jen Jen on Summer mornings
*Go Gurts
*Ice Cream
*Looking at pictures of herself
*Watching Videos of Herself
*Morning Snuggles

Taylee Says
***** UP!!!*****
****LOOK AT!!!****
***LOVE YOU!!!***
I have the most precious Daughter ever! I have to say I can't imagine life with another one for A LONG time! At least until Taylee is 5 yrs old. She is the LIGHT of my WORLD.

We went swimming with Katie, Natalie, and Kelsee and all their kids today. We had a BLAST! Everyday Taylee does funnier things! She was nervous to get into the water at first. Then she saw that all the "BIG" kids were swimming with floaties. so she let me let go and she floated all by herself! I was seriously sooo excited. It was like watching her walk for the first time. She is such a BIG girl! I am so proud of her! I can't wait to see the joys of she brings months and years to come!

I found out Kelsee is pregnant this week. She will be due in January! This will be her 3rd kid. Her and Zach are super excited! Congrats Kelsee:)

Taylee holding her special water doll:)

Taylee swimming all by herself! BIG GIRL!

Kyler, Kalli, Taylee and of course her baby:D

Taylee and Paisley! Paisley also started swimming by herself today:)

Taylee was super excited to be in the water. She didn't want me helping her swim. MISS INDEPENDENT!

Taylee sitting at the hot tub. She carried that baby with her THEE WHOLE time at the pool:)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer water fight!

We went Over to the Christiansen's home on Sunday night for Dinner. It actually was so hot outside to we let Taylee and Braxten play in the sprinkler.....

Me, Amanda and tyler ended up having more fun then the babies:)
We got all soaked and we had a blast.

PS Tyler is so adorable when he's soaking wet:) hehehe

Baby Logan

Baby Logan James Christiansen
June 5th
8.3 lbs
19 1/2 inches

He is such a sweetheart. We are super excited for James and Jenn to FINALLY have a baby!

It seemed like Jenn was Pregnant FOREVER! I ended up finding out right when she was pregnant. (I actually can tell when some people are pregnant) So I knew before she Knew.... but..... shhhh we wont tell them that. They think i'm crazy when I say that. haha.

She was so LUCKY to have such an easy pregnancy! She worked the whole time and never had an early hospital visits. She actually went a week over her due date! I tell them they need to have like 6 kids becase her pregnancy is so EASY!

Congragulations Jenn and James

Taylee's BIG GIRL BED!!!

Taylee has a Big girl bed! Thanks to my Uncle Russ and Aunt Karen! She has a full size bed which is PERFECT becasue she moves in her sleep so much!

She LOVES to sleep in it! The 1st night We asked her, "Do you want to sleep in your BIG GIRL BED?" She shook her head "YES!"
Seriously I've never seen her shake her head YES! ONLY NO! so it was super adorable. She falls right to sleep. She loves it so much!

Her cute bows:) Girls are so much fun. Shes like my baby doll:)

Taylee Snuggling in her bed:)

Our Nice big Room. We are so blessed to have such a nice room to stay in!
I love all the BRIGHT COLORS:)


Taylee loves waking up to Jenni in the summer:)


haha :)
Brie has a serious face in this pic. ...
She told us she is going to have a baby!
Right when I saw Brie at the baby shower I went up to touch her Stomach because I thought she was pregnant then I caught myself because she didn't even tell me! And of course she did not look pregnant. she is as skinny as ever.
Then when she told us I thought she was lying because when we were little she seriously lie about something for days and then say JUST KIDDING! but when she started crying I knew she was serious. I wish she lived closer to us. I know how hard it is to be a teen mom. She is due the end of December. Our kids will be exactly 2 yrs apart!

We have all been beset friends sence Elementary school! We slept over every single weekend and we were never apart. Brie and Bro moved in Jr High and we all went our own ways. Its been 6 years since we've all been together again.! It was such a blast! i love these girls so much!!!:)
We have some of the best and funniest memories together!

Brie and I have been friends since 2nd grade. We were walking home from school and a kid was being mean to another kid so we talked about how rude he was the WHOLE way home. That night we had a sleepover and laughed the whole night. Not to mention I pee'd my pants and she told me to put my underwear on backgrounds so i wouldn't be itchy from the pee. hahaha.

Me and Brie were always really girly. playing with dolls and dressing up and stuffing our bras;) haha

Brooke was in my ward and she walked all the way over to my house and asked me to play with her. I was really rude and slammed the door on her. I KNOW HOW MEAN! All the sudden we were all bestest friends. Always inseperable.

Gen Moved into the ward when we were in 6th grade. She always tells me how I forced her to do my fake nails and When we would have sleepovers I would fall asleep early and kick her off the bed . she then she thought I was a brat. hahahaha.

We had a blast. We went to Cee Cee's baby shower. (Bries sister)

Us at the church:)

At the point of the mountain

love this pic