Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sweet Sassy Taylee

Taylee is seriously SO WILD! She has thee most sassy personality any child could ever have. she knows what she wnats and when she wants it. She loves her sleep but when shes awake.... shes SERIOUSLY CRAZY!

I hard a rough day with her today, she cried while I was reorganizing our room today. She cried all during dinner. She got into the toilet and played with the water. Then I took all her clothes off and she was POOPIE! talk about AHHHHHH! Then it took her like 2 hours to go to sleep! holy heck little woman! She needs to chill a little bit.... with all the hard days I sitll love her.

She brings a light into our home, My mom was telling me that her and Jennie are so happy Taylee is in there lives. She brings so much joy into this family. She loves being the center of attention. shes so sweet. I'm grateful shes a cute healthy little girl:D

P.S. Taylee, Please be happier tomorrow:) thanks bug


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Toddler Taylee

Taylee has been so lots of fun places because the weather is so great! yay!
We went to the park last week with all her cousins, I forgot her stroller and she walked the whole time! That was by far the funniest time at the zoo ever! She wants to be just like Kalli. (a big kid) I can't believe how big she is getting! It seems like just yesterday she was born!

Taylee's Favorite things
Climb on chairs
Climb on tables
Go up and down the stairs all day long
Running away from mommy
Cuddles in the morning
Loves going to the park
Jumping on the trampoline
BEING LOUD! (gets that from her mommy)
She seriously loves Tyler so much. <3

Learning New things
I say CHEESE........ and she SMILES HUGE!
Loves blowing kisses
Loves playing Peek-A-Boo
Giving everybody kisses
Making kiss noises with her lips

Life Lately

Life lately:

Tyler and me went Ice Skating last week. We had a blast! I love when we can spend time together. I love him so much. I'm so grateful he is in my life. He is amazing! I LOVE YOU TYLER RAY<3>
We went to a few weddings the past few weeks. My cousin Heidi got married. I'm so happy and proud of her.
Ty's best friend Jarrus got married, his wife is adorable.
I think it's our turn soon:D
I'm graduating my dental assisting classes this saturday! I've been applying for jobs! Hopefully soon everything will start coming together!