Sunday, May 30, 2010

Taylee is ADORABLE

I thought I should write something cute about Taylee. I't s 4 AM right now. Taylee was teething yesterday so she had a fevor and didn't feel like eating much. So she decided she was super hungry at 3:50AM. I got up and gave her some food, milk and water. The whole time while she was eating she held her baby doll. She was feeding her baby doll and kissing the babies head. I can't believe a 19 month would be such a great little mommy! (I guess shes learned from the best) haahaha:)

Yesterday she was playing with Braxten Christiansen. She had to feed him the goldfish and be in control of when he ate. Then After she wanted to clean off her face. then She used that rag and started scrubbing the floor....... hahahahaa she is SUCH A GIRL! i love it:)

I am so blessed to have such a sweet little girl. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

New Stuff she says:



Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jenni's sweet 16 PARTY!!!

Jenni had a Dance Party at the Church for her Sweet 16! Thank goodness she had Tyler and I there to help decorate.... hahaha jk jenni. But It was a lot of fun. She had a great turn out. Taylee loved dancing so much. She danced the WHOLE night! I actually got Tyler to dance with me. We had a lot of fun. I can't believe Jenni is already 16!!!!!! YAY:)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Norweigen Celebration

Every Year around the 17th of May we have our Norweigen Celebration. Lots of people come together and celebrate it. We love to get NORWEIGEN CHOCOLATE and SOLOS:)

It was Tylers 1st year seeing our Noweigen side. well actually he and his brother like to make fun of my family on Christmas eve. We dance around a little christmas tree singing a song in Norweigen. and We eat open face sandwhichs and eat yummy chocolate. It was a lot of fun. Glad Ty still sticks around even with wierd stuff ;) haha



Friday, May 21, 2010

My 19th Birthday!!!

I seriously got spoiled for my Birthday! 19 years old! yay!
Tyler got me a camera which I totally LOVE! Thanks babe:)
I wanted to go on a date and have some fun.
We went to the Aquarium and saw lots of cool fishes and my favorite animal ever Sting Rays! I got to touch them I was totally in heaven:) Tyler said I was running after them like a little kid. haha:) After we went to La frontera and ate some yummy dinner:) it was a lot of fun. The chip dip was so spicy so I was crying my tongue was burning so bad! Then we went to the park and cuddled while during sunset and he made me chocolate covered strawberries:) After that we came home and ate Cake with my family. I had a BLAST:)

ME and My dad went out to lunch at a chinese restaurant. It was a blast.


My amazing boyfriend:)

JEN jEn and i:)

Dancin to "happy birthday song"

Ty made this :)

Katie made this :)

Jenni made this :)


love this pic

Ty made me these :)

La Frontera:)

THE room was soooo dark.


Jelly fishies:) So pretty


Tiny Tiny Sea Horses. 2 mm long

Sea Horses:)

STAR FISH:) I got to touch it

Cool fish. I touched this one to:)

Jenni's SWEET 16!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenni is 16 now! Now she can officially date! (she seriously has guys booked out for dates already!)

I decided to bring her Princess Balloons, A Princess Crown and Earings, A Princess Sash and some Princess ring pops to her at school:) Then everybody would know it was her Birthday, We all know she LOVES to be the CENTER OF ATTENTION:)

She got a Ipod 5th Generation for her Birthday. a BRIGHT PINK ONE:)

We had Cake and Ice Cream and Played a Memory Game

My memory of Jenni is...

When we were little we use to stand up in the tub and say "It's PEE TIME!" and we would PEE! haha. We also had a rubber DUCKY around in our little tub, mom came in and yelled at us because there was water ALL over the floor.
and it was "Poison" We played this game for hours and hours at a time. We seriously thought if it touched us we would "DIE". So after Hours of running

We also use to play tag in our home and run around so fast laughing. .... It ended when I ran into my room and my dad just got out of the tub and I hit into him..... YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY.... haha.

We have always had a blast together.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy SiStEr:)

Kristy's 24th Birthday:)

Chris has a Surpirise Birthday Party for Kristy in Provo. They invited some friends and our family. We had a lot of fun. We are excited for Kristy to have a daughter soon!!!

We played a memory game

My Memories are:

When Kristy use to baby sit me she would throw my head against the wall and pull my hair. hahaha

also when Kristy was in High School she always backed up into my parents car and came is SCREAMING and disturbed my sleep. (I would fall asleep at 4pm every night.) GOTTA LOVE SLEEP!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Hurt.

I've been having a hard time lately.
NOBODY knows how it feels to watch your dad dying and your daughter in your arms thinking should I run so my daughter doens't get kidnapped and killed or watch my dad die. Feeling hopeless is the WORST feeling ever. I've never felt so useless in my life. I've never been so hurt in my life since the night of Sept 29th 2009.
It's been 233 days since it happened.
9 months! I can remember every single detail of it like it just happened today. I'm so hurt. I hate the feeling of watching my dad huff and puff on the ground while his eyes roll back into his head. laying in the ground getting kicked in the stomach and head over and over and feeling so useless becauase i have my daughter in my arms....... I HATE IT! i hate him for doing this to me and us and taylee. I am so hurt.
I always cry when I think about it.
I absoulutely hate when people tell me "he" needs to be in her life because he's her sperm doner. When somebody does something so cruel to you and your most precious people in your life all you want to do is HATE them forever.


I hate that I coudn't pull him off my dad and help him. I hate that I had to see his swollen face for weeks after. I hate that I had to see his eyes with black circles around them. I hate that my dad has permanent jaw damage because of the jerk. I hate when I have nightmares about it over and over. I hate that he hurt my baby. I hate that She looked at me and her eyes were yelling at me to save her. but no he was rattling her around like a rag doll. I hated watching her scream watching him hold her upside down and shake her and punch her. I hate him. I hate it. He is so nasty. I'm not ready to get over it as you can tell. It haunts me every day. If anybody has to watch this like I did I know they would feel the exact same way. NOBODY knows how I feel Except god.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am so happy I can was blessed to be Taylee's Mother. It's a lot of work and some day are very tough. It all pays off when You get a big hug and kiss. Or When SHE JUST CHEESES AT ME WAYYYYYYYYY BIG:)

I would definitly say A mother is thee hardest yet most rewarding job in the world.
Your on duty 24/7.
The long hours of crying.
The screaming.
The poopie Diapers
Loss of sleeep
Messi Faces
Dirty Hands
Feedings all the time

The Laughter
The smiles
the hugs
the kisses
the cute tu tu's
the snuggles
Watching them learn and grow
You Never get paid with money. You get paid with hugs and kisses.


You know you’re a Mom When….

you have no issues sniffing another person’s butt for a poopie diaper
you think yourself is lucky to get out of the house without visible a spit up stain
a night on the town means taking the kids out past 6 pm
you count the days until your next girl’s night
your purse contains packages of goldfish, a juice box, assorted wrappers and a binky
you ask where “the potty” is.. …you’d rather listen to your 6 year old’s music than your own.
you ask where “the potty” is.. …you’d rather listen to your 6 year old’s music than your own.
you use your finger to wipe the face of your child's nose and it's not gross to you anymore!
You have signed a check with a crayon
You leave for a date carrying a diaper bag instead of your purse
You let your baby sit in his dirty diaper until Oprah is over
You silently curse people if they call during naptime
You arrange your travel itinerary based on McDonald's Playland locations
You are excited to go to the store…. Just to get out of the house!
You see a
mom from your child's playgroup at the mall and know her son's name but not hers
You consider it a major triumph if you shower by noon
You have your pediatrician's telephone number on speed-dial
You have considered trading your whole life savings for just one good night of sleep
You consider
parenting to be the best job in the world
You gave your whole life up for one special baby!


I decided to make my Mom a Creative Mothers Day Cake hahaha
Whats Better then lots of CHOCOLATE???? NOTHING! MMMMM:)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Taylee with friends

Brittney, Amanda and I are all young moms. Our kids are within 9 days of eachother. Braxten and Kyrstin have the same Birthday. and Taylee is 9 days younger! We went to Liberty Park and Had a Picnic and fed the birds. They are so cute playing together.

Taylee Jae

She is so STINKIN CUTE!!!!!! Love her so much!!! As you can tell she LOVES to jump of the Trampoline! and she lOVES bubbles!!!!!!

PEE PEE in the POTTY!!!!!!!!!!!

So excited!
Close the door mom! I'm Naked!


Taylee went Pee Pee in the Potty! She loves watching the day Care kids go potty. Lately shes been very interested. Whenever we say "Potty" she runs with joy to the bathroom and sits on the toilet. We got her all ready and she sat there for a minute. Then she shut the door and let me stay in. hahaha. Then we were all done (she didn't go pee pee yet) She was so excited she wanted to show Ty ty she could sit on the potty. So ty ty came over and she slammed the door on us........ then she DID IT! all her herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we were so excited! shes only 17 1/2 months right now! so yay!!!! my little diaper girl is getting so big!!!

Caden and Gpa B Day

Taylee is such a big girl now! Sitting on a stool all by herself! She loves cake!

Caden was Born on Grandpa's 50th Birthday! Yay they get to share Bdays! haha.
Caden is now 3 years old and Gpa is now 53 years young!
Earlier in afternoon Kristy came up from Provo. We decided to bring the movie theatre to dad. (to hard to bring little kids to the movies during nap time) We got tons of junk food and watched 2012:) We had a blast! After that was over it was Caden's Birthday Party!

Leatherby's to Celebrate dads 53rd!

Gpa, Chris, Kristy, Brax, and .... soon to be baby LYDIA!


We went with Kristy, Chris, Grandpa and Grandpa to Leatherby's. It is Grandpa's 53rd Birthday! He still looks so cute because he has a baby face:) hehehe.
I asked the waitress man to sing happy birthday. We were all joking around and I said, "You dont get a tip if you dont sing." Then he got busy and told us no.... so ... HE GOT NO TIP! hahahah i know we are mean but come on man lets have a little fun!