Sunday, August 29, 2010

Taylee Jae 21 Months

Taylee is 21 Months now! Her number 1 favorite thing to say is "NO"! Of course right?

She says ...

She has done so great going to daycare. It seems like she has learned and grown up so much there! I am so blessed she has such an amazing home day care she can go to. It makes it so much easier to leave her for work when I know shes in good hands!

Tyler and I have so much fun with her everyday. She loves to play tag and run around the house. She loves to hide from us and she LOVES LOVES when Tyler runs after her and she tries to hide from him. She is getting so big! We decided to take some pictures of her. She didn't have the best day when it came to smiling but I still LOVE the pictures! they are totally her sassy cute personality!:)


Friday, August 27, 2010

More engagements!


Life is so crazy right now!

Being a mommy, working full time, and planning a wedding is seriously hard work sometimes! I am so happy we are getting married in 10 weeks and all this planning will be over with and DONE!!!!!!!!! I seriously just can't wait to be married!

We have been up to a lot lately! Kristy had Lydia yesterday! 8.26.10 early in the morning! I will post the story of that soon! We finally took some pictures of Taylee! I took Taylee to the aquarium today:) She had a blast! I Can't belive how old she is getting! I seriously Can't believe we have 2 more baby girls added to the case family! It seems like just yesterday Taylee was born!

I finally found the shoes to wear on our wedding day! I'm seriously so sick of wedding planning! I really wanted to wear pink flats but my dress is to long so I bought some sassy high heels! and I LOVE THEM! They are actually pretty comfertable!

I'm taking my bridals in 3 weeks:)

Alyssa and Kenna got married! It was so fun to be alyssa's bridesmaid! Allyssa and Kenna looked beautiful as always!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sneak Peak Engagements!

I seriously LOVE this pictures!!!!!!!! I was so excited to get them all week! I found an amazing photographer! I would suggest her to everybody!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dental Assisting

I started My dental assistant job with Dr Martin June 16th. :)
I really love working there, I work with

I have been doing a ton of training lately. the first week was just learning where stuff went. It gets confusing to learn every single detail of every tools place in the office. (I'm just glad I have some knowledge behind things)

Lately I have been getting better at

X Rays ( I do check ups by myself. I'm glad my x rays are turning out better)
Composites ( I've done 3)
Amalgam (I've done around 5-6)
I am happy to be lucky though to find a dentist who wanted to train me in all the details. I still have a TON to learn.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ty's 23nd Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Ty TY:) I LOVE YOU!! I can't wait until I'm your wifE:)
We went to james and Jenns after dinner to have cake and ice cream with his family. I played a funny game with them and Tyler seriously loved the spot light!

Tyler got sung happy birthday like a million times and he was soaking every second in. I always thought he hated the spot light but after knowing me for a year he LOVES it. hahahaha but he probaly won't admit it:)

Our Yummy food:) MMM

We went to watch Inseption and then went to Famous Daves for dinner. (It was a blast because we went to famous daves on our first date, this was the first time we went back)

Alyssa's Bridal Shower

We had a blast at Alyssa's Bridal Shower. I played a funny game with Everyone. And she actually did pretty good!

I can't wait unti Alyssa's wedding:) I'm her bridesmaid:)

Classic Skating

Taylee had a blast going to classic Skating with Kalli and Kyler. They let the kids use there bikes and stuff on the rollar blade area. Taylee liked it until she saw everybody was going faster then her. then she decided to let kalli push her or get out and run behindher little bike and go faster. It was hilarius.

Mckenna's Bridal Shower

Kenna had an 80's dress up bridal shower. She seriously Looked adorable as you can tell. I am so excited for her and Kyle to get married. She seriously got sooo many lingerie's!!!!!!! holy heck woman! And she loved my gift;)
Love you Ken

Dinner with Jenn and James

We went to Jenn and James for dinner and of course Taylee loved Logan. She always wanted to be touching him. We had a way fun time and some way YUMMY food. Thanks james and jenn:)

Kristen's wedding

After Brie and I went dess shopping we went to Kristens wedding. (brookes mom) She was always like my 2nd mom growing up. After 20 years of a horrible marriage I am glad she could leave the situation and find a guy who is so great to her. They are so adorable together.
We forgot the car wasen't decorated so we hurried and tried to make it professional.... hahaha. We used toilet paper, Cans, balloons, and Frostine from cupcakes!
(Brooke looks adorable in this dress)

Mountains with Bradshaws

We went to the mountains and had a lot of fun. Taylee played in the river with her cousins a little bit. I am happy next year she'll be able to play in the water more.

24th Fireworks

We went to the fireworks at liberty park. They seriously SUCKED. I guess something went wrong and they exploded into the crowd and 10 ppl went to the hospital. I still liked this picture

24th of July Parade

We went to the 24th of July parade in Salt lake City. taylee Loved to see all the pretty floates. She had a lot of fun with her cousins. (Braxten, Caden and Savanna) Taylee loves Savanna so much. She always kisses her and tries to hold her. We got lucky and got to sit in the shade!!!

Summer Fun

Taylee had a blast at Liberty Park with Gma's day care and Kalli and kyler. SHe didn't want to leave this little pool .

Taylee loves Kalli and Kyler so much.


Taylee Loves swimming in Gma's little pool. She is so adorable.

I found this swim suit on clearance for $3! I couldn't pass it up!