Monday, July 19, 2010

Ring Shopping for Tyler!

We have seriously been looking EVERYWHERE for the ring Tyler wanted. I have no idea why it took so dang long to find it. All he wanted was a SIMPLE Titanium brushed pipe ring. BUT it was NOWHERE to be found!
When we went to the bridal expo on Saturday we met a friendly guy from Morgan Jewelers who cleaned my room. He told us to come to his store and he would find the perfect ring for Tyler. We went today and actually found what he is looking for! YAY so happy we found his ring!!!
I love you Ty TY!!!!:) Thanks for treating me like a PRINCESS:)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wedding Dress shopping!

Today has been so much fun! I went to a wedding expo with Ty and Brie:) Then later Katie and Brie went wedding dress shopping with me.
We went to David's Bridal and the 2nd Dress I tried on we bought. I have been looking online for thee dream dress I've always wanted. I found it at only one store in Utah! Davids Bridal!:) We got it for a great price!!! I am so excited! Everything is coming along!
I am so blessed, I got my dream man, Dream Temple Wedding, Dream Ring, Dream Dress, Great photographer, now it's just time to get on our way to the honeymoon;) haha.
I am so happy Katie and Brie and my mommy could come shopping with me. I had a blast. Thanks Brie for coming all the way from St George! I LOVE MY DRESS! (I would put PIcs up, but Tyler is NOT ALLOWED to see it) hahaha.
November 4th here we come!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Special Thanks

Sister Katie

FRiend Alyssa
Brie Brie

I wanted to give a special thanks to all the people who have gone out of there way to show that they care.

1st of all, I have the most amazing sister, I can talk to her about anything. Thanks for being such great support Katie. Thanks for helping me become a better person. I am so happy we get to go dress shopping and you can share this day with me.

2nd thanks to Alyssa, She is one of my bridesmaids. She has seriously called me everyday to ask me how wedding plans are going. She is volunteered to help with anything and everything. She goes out of her way to make sure I am happy with my plans. I am so happy we are close and planning our weddings together. It has been a blast. We are both throwing eachother our Bachelorette Parties. I am so greateful for her help!

Last but NOT least, Thanks to Brie. We have been calling eachother up A LOT lately and talking about our lifes. I love her so much. It's been my dream from 2nd grate that Brie would be there to go dress shopping, do my hair and make up. It's actually coming true. I am so grateful for her. she has helped me with lots of ideas for bridesmaids dresses. she is coming dress shopping with me on Saturday, I am so grateful for our friendship. Oh and Brie. I love your baby so much already:)

I love my fiance!

I have the most amazing Fiance in the world. He is seriously such a hard worker. He just started a new job. He usually doesn't bruise easy at all. He has tons of bruises all over his body and he wakes up at 4 am :( I feel so bad.
He has been so tired at night he has been trying to go to bed early
He is so amazing to Me and Taylee. I just can't believe how lucky we got. I think god is just great. He is all worth the wait!!!:) November 4th and we'll be sealed for time and all eternity!!!
Thanks for such amazing hugs and kisses Ty Ty. I LOVE YOU

Wedding Flowers

This is a picture to show how the Monkey tails will look in the bouquet:) I seriously LOVE IT! I can't wait! I've never been so detail oriented, but I actually enjoy it:)
We are also going to have black feathers!:)
We found these awesome flowers. They are called Monkey Tails:) I fell in love with them when I saw them:)

We are getting a bright blue Delphinium, These are so beautiful

We are getting Bright Pink Gerbs!:) These are so precious

We are getting Bright pink Callalillys! :) I love them so much!
Flowers by Kortney Almond # 801-946-9244
(She does an amazing job wih the flowers, she has lots of great ideas!)

20 Months Old

Taylee Turned 20 Months old yesterday! I can't believe my little baby is not a baby baby anymore! She is such a cute big girl toddler. She loves loves to play with Kalli and Kyler. When Kalli is around she wants nothing to do with mommy. she wants to do everything like Kalli (which is good because she will watch Kalli perform dancing and Taylee will fall in love.... well thats my plan)
Taylee says-
YA!!! (Screams it)
Taylee Loves-
Summersaults (shes getting to be a pro at doing them on the trampoline)
New Baby Alive Baby dolly (she is the same as Kalli)
Sleeping in her big girl bed
Playing with Jen Jen
Laughing with Ty ty
Hugs from mommy
Floating all by herself in the pool
Eating ICe Cream
The other day I said, "Taylee can I have a kiss?" Taylee said, "MWAH!"(gave me a kiss) I said, "can I have another one please?" Taylee says, "EH!!!!! ...NO!" haha what a SASS

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wedding Plans:)

I seriously can not believe we are getting Married in 114 DAYS!!!

*114 Days
*17 Weeks
* 4 1/2 Months
We have so much to plan!

I have my Bridesmaids chosen now:)

(Best Friends)

I am going wedding dress shopping on Saturday! My Friend Jena wants to do a photoshoot to build her portfolio, She wants Kenna, Alyssa and I do all be in our wedding dresses and take pictures! I think it will be a BLAST if I can actually find the dress I LOVE in time!!! My High School friends all in wedding dresses in the same picture! What a dream right?

We have been looking around for honeymoon hotels and the best deals for plane tickets, we want to go to Disney Land:)

We picked our wedding colors, They are black, bright pink, and bright blue:)
We have been looking around at wedding cakes. We want something very simple but still "Jessi and Tyler style."

We have been talking about our wedding for months and months now. It's actually going to happen!!!!! I am so so so excited!

Today we went to the Park with Taylee, I was talking to Tyler and asking him if it's going to be wierd to call me his "wife"? He said, "No i'm totally ready." The look on his face was seriously so amazing. I can't believe I found such an amazing man. He amazes me every day.

He totally tickled me all night tonight. I never knew somebody could be so ticklish on there neck! hahaha. I love him Tyler Ray!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Engaged for 1 Month Today!!!

We got engaged exactly a month ago from today! A LOT has happened since then!!!! Okay for starters, I haven't been sick for years (besides pregnancy) and the 1st month We've been engaged I got an Ear Ache for 2 weeks, My eyes have been going CRAZY so I got new glasses, and Today I just got strep!!!!!! HOLY HECK! I think I'm done with being sick for the next 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!

I was telling Tyler yesterday that When I saw the baby at church and Jenn's baby I wanted another one...(some day down the road) I seriously LOVE babies. So this morning I wake up and start feeling sick and It just reminded me of how sick I was when I was pregnant, That baby thought is going to be gone for a LONG LONG TIME! At least until Taylee in 5 Years old!

It's crazy, Kyler and I both got ear aches the same time. Then Katie got strep last week and we ended up drinking some the same slurpee so I got it to. When I went in for work today we had like 11 check-ups. It was such a busy morning. I thought I was sick from my glasses, and trying to get use to them. Then I started sweating, and shaking, and I thought I was literally going to pass out. Then I got to the point where I couldn't even swallow it hurt so bad. Dr. Martin gave me a prescription. Within the 1st hour the pain doubled. I was laying in bed shaking because I was so freezing, and I couldn't even breathe so I was making wierd noises to try to keep breathing. Tyler came and brought me Chicken noodle soup and took Taylee so I could rest. He told me to take a bath, because My head, neck, back, hips, tailbone, legs, and feet were THROBBING and SO COLD. I got in the tub and I thought I was going to pass out. I got to the point where I was almost un-cautious. So i had to get out before I passed out in the water and Drowned. It was so crazy. I went to bed and feel asleep for a few hours.

I am seriously so lucky to have such a good Fiance who loves and cares about ME and taylee. He would do anything for us. I appreciate it so much.

I love you Ty Ty:)

P.S.- we have been looking for prices for honeymoon stuff and we are getting really excited! It is started to feel real!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) YAY:)

OH yeah, ... I was always the one to joke with Ty and tell him that he is always sick. Now he has turned that around on me.... how nice huh? haha

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Radio Disney

Radio Disney had a party down town. We went with Grandpa and her day care the day before I started work. Taylee had a blast. She got a balloon, Ice Cream, Jumped in the Jump House-she wouldn't get out when her time was up. She also went down the huge slide.

Taylee and her Princess Wand
Waiting to get into the bounce her. Her favorite thing in the whole entire world!

Fun with Kathy

She is such a doll:) I love her so much, especially when shes HAPPY:) haha
We went Swimming at Grandpas pool with Kathy and her daughters. After we went to Cafe Rio and had amazing food. Taylee had so much fun with the girls.

Taylee and Izzie

Kathy and us girls:)

West Vest

We went to West Vest 3 nights in a row. Kalli and Jenni danced and then we watched fireworks! It was a blast!!!!!!! Kristy and Chris made it to watch Jennie dance. They found out last minute and rushed down. The fireworks were way fun. Taylee Loved them:)
Jenni right after she danced! She made it to the second Level. She did such a good job. The dance was adorable.
(she danced to the song, these boots were made for walking. and she wore my cowboy boots. it was cute. one of the judges said,"what are the boots for." I thought they were idiots..... you shouldn't judge if you dont know how to listen to a song and put it to a dance. haha

Awww Look how cute:)

Payson Lake!

This is one of my favorite pictures with Tyler and I! AHHHHHHH I can't wait to get married to hiM!!!!!!!! He is seriously amazing! everything I ever dreamed and more!!!:)

WE went to Payson Lake over July 4th weekend:)
A year ago from today is when he kinda met. His sister had us text eachother. So we have actually known of eachother for a year now!!!!!!

We had a blast with the family!

Grandpa fell asleep!:)
getting ready to Kayak with my amazing fiance!:) Chris always said, "Go in the Corner of the lake and make out;) it was hilarious. I told Kristy he was giving her hints and she said no way i'm going to fall asleep on the boat... I ended up taking Tyler to the center:) hahaha;)

YAY!!!!!!!!! ready to go Kayaking:)

Taylee seriously LOVES Kristy! She always wants to be with Kristy when they are around... .it's nice to be abe to get some alone time with Ty:)
Look how cute Taylee is:)


Pretty Lake!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Tyler and I were waiting for me to find a job and for him to find a better job. From December until May It was seriously DRAGGING ON!!!!!!! We talked and decided that we knew we are suppose to be sealed in the temple and god will make is possible. The day we got engaged my sister kristy had told me about a Dental Assistant Position that was open. I had an interview and were hired within 9 days after we got engaged! Tyler actually got a job within 3 days of getting ENGAGED!!! Isn't it crazy how god works in crazy ways? We were seriously so happy! We set the date also! November 4th we will be Sealed for Time and All Eternity!

My job is amazing. I love all the people I work with. I feel right at home around all the girls. The Dentist is super amazing. It was hard to leave Taylee the 1st week. I know she is in good hands with an amazing provider. The 2nd week has not been to hard on me leaving Taylee....(thankfully) The 1st week I left crying and crying that I had to leave her all day. I know God wants me where I am today and I am so happy to have the job I have! He seriously knows that If I had to leave Taylee for some crappy fast food place I woudln't be able to do it!

Tyler has to wake up at 4:30 am every morning. We both get Friday, Saturday and Sundays off:) I feel so bad for Tyler though. He already has a huge problem with falling asleep. Now he really has to go to bed by 9:00P.M. so he can wake up so early. He is doing really great. He was a welding position. He has been keeping up and its only his 2nd day! (what a fast learner I know) Tylers boss told him he has the hardest job in the whole shop!!!

We have been doing lots of fun stuff on the weekends, We went to the Mountains, and swimming, and Katies house for a BBQ, Logans baby blessing and more stuff which Ill post about later.

When I'm assisting my eyes will give out after about 10 seconds so I have to re-focus them. So I bought glasses last week! Hopefully I love them because I freakin spend $350.00 on them! I can't wait until I can see!

I have been much happier, the time I have with Taylee I cherish it so much. I am all together a happier person when I have to wake up and I HAVE to be somewhere. I am so excited to start planning the wedding!!!:)

Brie and Brooke are going to come wedding dress shopping with me next month:) how sweet is that? Brie lives all the way in St. George. So i am happy to have her come up and share this moment with me:) .......ITS LIKE A CHILDHOOD DREAM TO PICK OUT MY WEDDING DRESS WITH MY 2 BEST FRIENDS FROM ELEMENTARY:)

My 2 other best friends are getting married next month! Alyssa is getting married Aug 14th! I am going to be her bridesmaid and throw her a Bacheloretter party:) Kenna is also getting married Aug 16th!!!:) I am so excited because Ken will be able to come to our sealing!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Life is actually coming together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN"T WAIT! LESS THEN 4 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!